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All evening & Saturday classes are 1 hour and 30 minutes long.  The first evening class is free.  Thereafter, each evening class is $15.00 per class.  beginners are welcome.

Monday  Class  6pm-7:30pm

Monday's class places emphasis on the basics of tai chi.  The student will learn among other drills,  alignment, loosening exercises, nei gong, song gong drills.

Tuesday & Thursday classes  6pm-7:30pm

The student will learn 5 ORGAN & SPIRIT ENLIVENING NEIGONG, a set of six forms designed to teach principles of alignment, stepping, rootedness, continuity and relaxation. The six exercises strengthen the five pairs of organs and are the foundation for attaining the highest level of Tai Chi Chuan.


Lao (Old) Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan is taught in six sets of approximately twelve postures each, totaling over two hundred movements.  This style is a "small frame" form and is an advanced form of Tai Chi Chuan.  This form is excellent for health, spiritual cultivation, as well as combat.

Saturday Class  8am-9:30am


Sponsored by UPCOB (University Park Church of the Brethren), Dancing In Silence, Inc. has been offering free Tai Chi Chuan classes to the general public since 2008.

Tai Chi Chuan  on Saturdays is our gift to you. this is an opportunity to learn more about this ancient art form of self defense & experience the physcial, mental and spiritual  benefits of Tai Chi Chuan.

 Students learn the five Organ and Spirit Enlivening Qi Gong exercises as well as Lao (Old) Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan.  Beginners are welcome.



Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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